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28 Apr 2001 - 5 Feb 2003
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Tradeline Add-In for Excel

The add-in enables users to create Excel spreadsheets from any of Tradeline's comprehensive data sources. Users seamlessly access their Tradeline data, specify security and data items, and easily create spreadsheets that meet their specific business needs.

No Job Is Too Big
Add-in includes ticker and data item look-up facilities, screening capabilities and an innovative Template Wizard that allows users to easily and automatically specify addinlarge ranges of data for fast, easy retrieval and integration into Excel.

Full Compatibility and Functionality
Users have access to Excel's full functionality. The Tradeline Add-in is compatible with all of Excel's extensive numerical, data manipulation, charting and graphing capabilities.

All Tradeline Data Smoothly Integrates into Excel
With the Add-in, users can access all of our data in Excel. Add-in enables easy access to our Tradeline North American and Tradeline International Databases, as well as third-party fundamental databases including S&P, Compustat, Disclosure, First Call, I/B/E/S, Barra and others.
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